Faces of LGBT, Gay Themed Traffic Lights, Eurovison’s Return, New Flag Coming For New Zealand, & Gus and Waldo’s Book of Love -QueerMinded World News Brief 05/21/15

May 22, 2015
Image via www.gaystarnews.com

Image via www.gaystarnews.com

 This weeks edition looks into The United Nations' Free & Equal Campaign, the return of Eurovision, bondage penguins, & more.  Here's a look at some of the queer news stories from around the world this week. Originally broadcast live Thursday, May 21, 2015.

From Gay Star News 


Gus and Waldo’s book of love was found in the Sovereign Star Nursery and Preschool’s library and parents have expressed their concern, saying the book is “inappropriate reading, not suitable for toddlers.”  The author, Massimo Fenati, says it is intended for mature audiences but also states that “Many of his straight friends allow their children to read the book because it shows positive, happy relationships of gay couples.” The library manager Brooke Philpott explained to Gay Star News that the book was ordered based on a misconception of the cover, which includes brightly colored cartoon penguins.

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From Free&Equal 

UN Launches a Campaign That Puts Faces on the Labels LGBTQ.

The new video campaign features LGBTQ people of various ethnicities talking about their experiences. The initiative is a part of the UN Free and Equal Campaign, which is dedicated to furthering LGBTQ rights across the globe. The Free & Equal campaign aims to raise awareness of homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination, and encourage greater respect for the rights of LGBT people.

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From Reuters 

Singing Competition Eurovision Started This Week In Vienna

The popular singing competition Eurovision started this week in Vienna, and the city is showing it’s support with gay themed traffic lights. The campaign is intended to present Vienna as an open-minded city and also to improve traffic safety as the unusual symbols attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians, said a spokeswoman for Vienna’s city lighting department.

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From GayStar News 

The Israeli armed forces plans to change service regulations to accommodate same sex couples

The IDF or Israel Defense Forces, updated regulations to “accommodate the family needs of reservists who are in same sex relationships in the same way they do those in opposite sex relationships.”  Military service is required by all Israeli citizens. Any couple recognized as being in a relationship by the Israeli National Insurance Institute may apply to the IDF’s committee for coordinating reservist service to defer their deployment.  The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) updated regulations will accommodate  family needs of reservists who are in same-sex relationships in the same way they do those in opposite-sex relationships.

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A pride themed flag is in the running for New Zealand’s new official flag

New Zealand is currently planning to change its flag over concerns that the current design, which features a red southern cross and a Union flag on a blue background, is too similar to Australia’s flag – which features a white southern cross and a Union flag on a blue background. The country has invited citizens to make suggestions for a new flag – leading to calls to officially adopt a Pride flag, to represent the country’s status as a “regional hub for same sex weddings after passing the equal marriage law in 2013.”

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