SK Pride Must Go On, First Same Sex Marriage in Central America, Ireland Welcomes LGBTQ Visitors,Malta Launching First Civil Union and Wedding Fair, Zara Forced to Face Harsh Claims Due to Lawsuit- QueerMinded World News Brief 6/4/15

June 8, 2015

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QueerMinded takes a look into Pride in Korea, the first same sex marriage in Central America, LGBTQ visitors in Ireland ,the launching of the First Civil Union and Wedding Fair in Malta,  and a lawsuit forcing Zara to face harsh claims. Originally broadcast on QueerMinded June 4th,2015.


Organizers say Pride will go on despite ban police place on Korea

The organizers of Seoul Pride have announced the event will go ahead next week in defiance of government orders, after official permission was revoked . Police allegedly banned the Korea Queer Culture Festival because of public safety and traffic concerns. Executive director of the festival Woo  Ji-Young told Agence France Presse “The police should protect the rights of free expression, rather than siding with those trying to suppress it”  Organizers say that around 20,000 people are expected for the celebration, risking fines and jail time to do so.

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First same sex common law marriage in Central America

A Costa Rican judge made history by granting the first same-sex common law marriage in Central America. The country leads the region in recognizing same sex rights  according to Pink News, last year the government granted social benefits to same sex couples. Marco Castillo, president of the Diversity Movement, said: “This is a big step forward. This is the first time that the law has been recognized as such.”

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Ireland is ready to welcome LGBTQ visitors

With Ireland being the newest country to legalize same-sex marriage , tourism Ireland launched a new campaign this month after the historic same sex marriage referendum. Ireland hopes to match the success New York state had after same sex marriage became legal. The campaign also hopes to attract same-sex visitors wishing to get married, spend their honeymoon and more.

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Malta is launching its first civil union and wedding fair

The European nation does not allow same sex marriage, but does offer civil unions to LGBTQ people. The first-of-its-kind event for Malta will be held at the Phoenicia hotel in Valetta this October.

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International company Zara is forced to answer claims in lawsuit

International company Zara is forced to answer claims that it’s leadership is racist, anti-semitic and homophobic according to a lawsuit. A former Zara employee sued the Spanish-based clothing retailer after being terminated last year. the suit alleges several different instances of harassment from Zara senior leadership, who have denied the charges in a statement. The plaintiff, Ian Miller, alleges that while employed at Zara between 2008 and last year, he observed executives openly exchange racist emails, and graphic depictions of gay sex scenes.

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