Trans* Activist Killed In El Salvador, Grindr a Big Help In China, Religious University Declined Students Celebration of Pride on Campus- QueerMinded World News 6/11/15

June 13, 2015

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This week QueerMinded takes a look into queer news around the world including a Trans* activist killed in El Salvador, Grindr lending a helping hand in China, a pride celebration rejected on a religious campus, and many more. QueerMinded was originally broadcast on June 11th, 2015.

From Gay Star News 

A trans* activist was killed in El Salvador this week

A leading trans* activist was killed recently in El Salvador, prompting calls by human rights groups to ensure the authorities to prosecute and punish those responsible. The 29-year-old had been a member of Salvadoran trans advocacy group Colectivo Alejandría since it was founded in 2010, working tirelessly for human rights and in HIV prevention programs. This is believed to be the seventh killing of a trans* woman in the country this year alone.

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Grindr using it’s technology to help queer people in Mainland China

Popular gay social networking app Grindr is using its technology to help queer people in mainland China. The app makers partnered with the Beijing Gender Health and Education Institute to help raise awareness for LGBTQ issues in the country. The CEO of Grindr Joel Simkhai said “In partnership with BGHEI we will make sure that Grindr users in China have relevant sexual health information in colloquial Chinese”.

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From Advocate 

Israeli university rejected a request for students to hold a Pride celebration on campus

An Israeli religious university rejected a request for students to hold a pride celebration on campus. Administrators at Bar Ilan University, told organizers “that the event was not academic or connected to student activities and that they could hold an alternative event with speakers like psychologists or rabbis who could offer help to participants.” A spokesman for the school also said the pride celebration would be like celebrating pedophilia. The Spokesman, Haim Zisowitz, has since apologized via Facebook, claiming the statement was taken out of context.

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